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Since opening our doors for business in 1954, AAA-1 Masonry & Tuckpointing has garnered thousands of rave reviews and testimonials. Here's a small sample. If you want to put our decades of experience to work for you, contact us!

Mary Ross Testimonial Mary Ross Testimonial

Testimonial: My Building's Like New & Water Tight!!

Rob Reese and his team of expert masons assessed the condition of my brick 4 flat building in Elmwood Park. In short order a crew of 5 highly skilled workers came out, did the needed repairs to window lintels and sills and tuck pointed areas on all elevations.

365bet足球网站In one day they corrected and repaired my fifty plus year old aging masonry building, making things look like new and more importantly water tight. I no longer worry about the next big rain storm.

365bet足球网站Thanks so much to Rob and all the men who were so professional and who were so very nice to me, an eighty-six year who worries about every little thing! They put me at ease and by the way left me without any clean up too. Hats off to AAA-1 Masonry & Tuckpointing, you receive a 5 star rating.

Mary Ross, Elmwood Park, Chicago

Mckinze Casey Testimonial Mckinze Casey Testimonial

Testimonial: We Really Appreciate Your Help!

Thanks Rob! We really appreciate your help and I will be sure to write a note to our entire Sothebys office about how impressed I was with the time you took to evaluate our situation.

Mckinze Casey, Sotheby's International Realty, Chicago

Eric M. Miller Testimonial Eric M. Miller Testimonial

Testimonial: Above and Beyond What We're Accustomed To

Alex went above and beyond what we're accustomed to when getting work done on our building (especially smaller projects) and is a very good representative of your company. We'll continue to use your company for any future needs and recommend it to others when looking for masonry work.

Eric M. Miller, Noble Square, Chicago

Pam Lookatch Testimonial Pam Lookatch Testimonial

Testimonial: Made Our House Look Brand New

Thanks for making our house look brand new!

Pam Lookatch, Lincoln Park, Chicago

Lynise Dziedzic Testimonial Lynise Dziedzic Testimonial

Testimonial: Timely, Friendly, and Accessible

On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank Andy and Mary from PHG, Galen from Criterium and Dan and his crew from AAA-1 Construction for the successful completion of this part of the masonry project.

A special thanks to Dan and his crew who did quality work in a timely fashion; were friendly and accessible; protected our building and courtyards as much as possible; and cleaned up thoroughly.

Lynise Dziedzic, Treasurer, Sheridan Shore Courts Condominium Association, Chicago

Jerry Warren Testimonial Jerry Warren Testimonial

Testimonial: Great Job With Our Front Entrance

Your team did a great job with our front entrance and my garage has never been this clean.

Jerry Warren, Chicago

T. Sougstad Testimonial T. Sougstad Testimonial

Testimonial: The Fix is Fantastic — Thank You!

365bet足球网站There was a lot of rain last night—I would call it a deluge—and there were no leaks. The fix is fantastic. Thank you!

T. Sougstad, Amhurst Lofts, Lincoln Park, Chicago

Katy Flatau Testimonial Katy Flatau Testimonial

Testimonial: A Great Job for a Fair Price

You guys did a great job and for such a fair price (which is so helpful on massive projects like that one).

Katy Flatau, Chicago

Lisa Vasquez Testimonial Lisa Vasquez Testimonial

Testimonial: Very Impressed and Grateful

These men are amazing. I have never seen so much commitment to get a job done. Very impressed and grateful.

Lisa Vasquez, Old Irving Park, Chicago

Therese Buckman Testimonial Therese Buckman Testimonial

Testimonial: Looks Great!

Rob- It looks great!

365bet足球网站I am so happy...

Therese Buckman, Chicago

Jennifer Seuring Testimonial Jennifer Seuring Testimonial

Testimonial: Beautiful and Meticulous — Highly Recommend

365bet足球网站Alex and his team did an amazing job. The work was beautifully and meticulously done and they matched the brick color very closely to the existing surrounding bricks. In addition, we were in a huge hurry and despite their 4-6 week backlog, they were able to fit us into the schedule right away with an opening that came up. I would highly recommend AAA-1.

Jennifer Seuring, Roscoe Village, Chicago

Walt Cook Testimonial Walt Cook Testimonial

Testimonial: Very Fortunate to Have Met You

365bet足球网站Thanks very much for coming out today. As mentioned many times, I feel very fortunate to have met you some years back. You are a man of integrity, and your help on our roof "saved" our building from major issues two winters back.

Walt Cook, Chicago

David Saad Testimonial David Saad Testimonial

Testimonial: Have You Thought About Adding Another "A" to Your Company's Name?

365bet足球网站Your crew proved to be a great investment—again. Just as impressive as the quality of your work was the clean-up, and my neighbor is very pleased with the way you respected his property — thank you! Have you thought about adding another “A” to your company’s name?

David Saad, Lincoln Park, Chicago

Carol Shehab Testimonial Carol Shehab Testimonial

Testimonial: How Pleased I Am With Your Work

365bet足球网站Just a note to tell you how pleased I am of the work your men did. You were right, it looks great. I can hardly tell where it was done. The wait was worth it.

Carol Shehab, Chicago

MacLean Testimonial MacLean Testimonial

Testimonial: Feel Smarter After Speaking With You

It was a pleasure to see you this Saturday. Thanks for taking the time not only with the inspection but with the explanations. I always feel smarter after having talked with you. I get why masonry is both a science and an art. Looking forward to working with you.

Doug MacLean